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How to Write a CV that lands you a Job

Across the world so many people are now looking for jobs, many of which have sadly been made redundant. Before the pandemic started the job market was tough enough, with a lot of fresh competition and so many candidates in the market. So many different experiences, so many different educational backgrounds, so many skills, it was very competitive, and it is even more so now. That is why having a strong CV that jumps out from the crowd is essential if you want to find a job.


The main thing which you need to get across and answer is “Why should a company hire you, rather than the person opposite you in the interview room?” 

CV Writing Top Tips

Before I go into each aspect of writing a CV there are a few things I want you to keep in mind throughout your CV journey. Some essential top tips, which can truly make all the difference.

1.       Keep your CV short and concise to a maximum of two pages. Whilst working in HR and whilst running Leos Consultancy (my careers support business), I have seen some CV’s which run for 4 or 5 pages. I would recommend shortening your CV down to two pages maximum and including any additional information which you feel is highly relevant in your Cover Letter instead. For each piece of information on your CV ask yourself “Does this add value?” 

2.       Personalise it every time. Do not make the mistake of sending out a generic CV to every role you apply for. This will not work. Now when I say personalise it every time it means have a look at the job description in which you are applying for and make sure the skills which are listed on the job ad ensure they are on your CV. Of course, only if you have those skills, you do not want to be falsifying your CV claiming you have certain skills which you do not have. Also give an insight of why you would like to work for the company.

3.       No photograph and no address are needed. Leave them off your CV. Photographs can leave room for discrimination. Some employers will completely disregard the CV if there is a photograph on it due to claims of discrimination. Additionally, do not include any personal information such as Date of Birth, Marital Status, Religion, etc as this can also leave room for discrimination. Please note: These points I am referring to are for individuals looking to find a job in the United Kingdom, in other countries photos and other information may be preferred. Therefore, if you are not looking for a role in the UK, please check the requirements for the country you are looking for a role in.

4.       Proofread your CV. Always check for grammar and spelling mistakes. If you can then get someone else to proofread your CV in case, you have missed something. This could be a family member, friend, or colleague.

5.       CVs should be mainly based on key achievements rather than duties and responsibilities and by this, I mean do not just simply list everything you have done within the role. Instead, list what you specifically achieved, what did you contribute and what was the result. If you are a student just starting out and have not had a previous job, think about what you have achieved whilst at school or university. Did you win an award? Did you contribute to a project? Did you join any clubs or societies? Did you come up with an idea? Think about it I am sure you have many, which you may not even realise.

6.       Add volunteering, online courses and unpaid internships. When writing CVs people have the tendency to always add face to face courses and they leave out online courses, thinking that they are less important. Add these in as they are all valuable, it shows the employer you have a keen interest in CPD and self-development.

If you feel comfortable writing your own CV then do try to incorporate all of the above which will help you to add a huge impact and emphasis on your CV. If you have not written a CV before or do not have the time to write your CV, there are always Professional CV Writing Services which you can take up which will help you to craft a CV which will help you to feel 100% more confident. Remember showcase your best self and let the Hiring Manager know exactly what value you can bring to the team from you soft skills, your hard skills and past experiences and achievements. 

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