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2 Major Key Components When Submitting Job Applications

Are you in the middle of your Job Search? Or perhaps you are at the very beginning. This short article is focused specifically on submitting Job Applications which have questions as part of the initial process. Before even reaching this stage I would highly recommend creating a Professional CV and Cover Letter which you can submit with the application form. If you are still yet to write your Professional CV check out this Top Tip Article which I have created that will give you a deeper insight into key things you can do to stand out from the crowd when writing your CV, instead of just blending in.

Here are two key things to consider when filling in your Job Application Forms: 

1.         Understand what is behind the question

When you apply for jobs whilst filling up application forms there may be lots of questions being asked. Remember to have a think about what is behind that question. What does the Hiring Manager really want to know and understand about you? 

An example of a question could be “Tell me about yourself”. In this question they are not looking for you to recap your CV. They are not looking for you to explain what your interests are irrelevant to the job in hand.

Instead, they are looking to understand what you have done previously which specifically relates to the role in question. What experience do you have? What key achievements have you attained? Where do you want to be and why do you want to be there? What have you done so far to your dream career destination? Think about the bigger picture.


2.         Be concise when answering questions

Think of clear, straight to the point examples when answering application questions. Sometimes people have the tendency to write and write, then they go completely off topic. The text then becomes boring, so people do not even bother reading it. So, make sure you keep your answer straight to the point. Do not just write about what you have done or what skills you have, give real examples. If you say you have done this and that then give examples of all those times when you have done that.


For example, if you say that you have managed a team and you have achieved fantastic results, you need to explain what results did you achieve? When did you manage that team? How did you manage that team? What were the results? What were the challenges that you encountered? How did you overcome the challenges? Keep your answers straight to the point.  


Where to Find Job Openings

Before deciding to apply for any role, it’s important to have Crystal Clear Clarity as to the type of role you are looking for. What job title are you looking for? What industry do you want to work in? Do you have any particular companies you would like to work for? Are you looking for Part Time or Full Time? Permanent or Temporary?

Once you have decided on all of the above it is time to start searching.

Speak to your family, friends and others that you know within your network asking them if they know of any opportunities. Also reach out to managers on LinkedIn, send them a Direct Message and ask them if they have any opportunities available (I managed to secure two of my jobs on LinkedIn and a University Placement). It has many opportunities.

Have a look on job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, Reed and Google Search Jobs. There are many others out there. Remember to upload your CV and a Cover Letter which is personalised to the specific Job Role which showcases your Key Achievements.


In Summary

Be crystal clear on what Job you are looking for. Create a Professional CV and Cover Letter which showcases your key achievements, and which will help you stand out from the crowd. Then search for job openings through your network and online job boards. When submitting Job Applications, ensure to submit your Professional CV and Cover Letter which is personalised to the specific Job Role. Whilst answering the Job Application questions keep in mind the two major tips. Firstly, Understand what is behind the question. Secondly, Be concise when answering the questions. Remember you want to stand out not blend in!

If you need any support writing your CV, Cover Letter or filling in Job Applications please feel free to contact me here and we can have a chat on how you can stand out from the crowd in your Job Search.

You can do this!

If you have any questions at all that you would like me to cover in future blogs around Job Search drop me a message and I will do my best to cover them!

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